Sunset Pool is located at HQ Beach Club overlooking the famous Kuta Beach. The infinity pool is one of the favorites since the pool has a stunning Kuta Beach View and an entertaining bartender at the swim-up bar. It gives off a beach-party vibe that never ends.

Opening Hours

Open hours: 10.30hrs Closing hours: 18.30hrs 

  1. Please be advised: No lifeguard on duty at all times 
  2. Jumping, Running, and diving are strictly prohibited in the swimming pool. 
  3. For your safety, the pool will be closed during pool treatment, heavy rain thunderstorms, and lightning 
  4. Guest are reminded not to leave their valuables unattended. The management shall not be held liable for any loss and /or damage from any cause, around the pool or in the vicinity of the pool area. 
  5. The hotel management is not responsible for any damage that occurs in the pool or the area around the pool. 
  6. Children under 15 years of age must be accompanied by a parent and supervised guardian at all times. 
  7. All guests must take a shower before entering the pool. 
  8. Wearing diapers is not allowed in the swimming pool. 
  9. No urinating or defecating in the pools. 
  10. Please do not use the pool if you are suffering from any contagious or skin disease. Open wounds or sores should be dressed correctly before using the pool. People with transmittable disease or people with skin, eye, ear, or nasal infections should not enter the pool. 
  11. The Hotel Management is not responsible for any accident or injuries that occur due to own negligence when using the pool, it would be the guest's own personal risk. 

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